You Are Beautiful

He tells me. My hair splayed against the cushion where I lay and

I’m not sure I believe him. Does he see me?

The ugly bits that gnaw from within

yelling and telling

You are not as smart as you think You are not as kind as you think You laugh too much too loud too often

You think

too much

Expect too much Want too much Have too many opinions Feel too much

and yet

you are not enough

of this

or that

or any or all.

Or so they say.

They said: You are not enough. At all.

And I remember When I thought I was all

someone could ever want or need but I remember too when I learned I was not.

Learned. Beaten in. Lesson learned: You weren’t. You were not. You were never

Good enough

for any man to stay.

Legs wrapped around his waist on his center Mine in Him.

Denim on denim on limbs on limbs and mouths on mouths and lips on lips and

hips into hips.

There is no doubt.

A spontaneous burst of flame from the embers Erupts

and Fire breaks out

as he looks into my eyes and says You are Beautiful and this

New Fire

is ours and this is about

Our FlameHeat and Desire

within and without.

Glow ignites without caution and we let it Extinguish for a moment in caution

But not before it Bursts into Flame

As though

the tinder was ignited

by the heat of the passion of the fire

between us. Lips and mouth and tongue and Hips.

Embers extinguished until

They were not

and now glowing

burning brightly.

Burning hot.