On Creativity

Now that my position doesn’t require me to write or produce content on a frequent basis, it’s been a while since I’ve been behind a keyboard, tapping out letters that will amount to more than communications messaging or a press release.

It’s daunting.

When I was younger, I always felt like creativity was a thing that was in your bones, something you were genetically predisposed to. Perhaps I didn’t own the creativity gene, I’d think, as I tried and failed to dream up a scene to write or an image to sketch.

It seemed like the harder I tried the more impossible it became.

In later years, I tried to chase down creativity, taking a class here and there, thinking maybe I just needed to find my medium.

Adventures in collaging and alcohol inks, the latest classes I’ve taken to inspire creativity.

Really, though, creativity is like any other venture: something you have to commit to, to practice every day, in order to be good at.

I’ve never been real good at commitment.

One thing I guess I can commit to: Podcast listening. I listen every week to Slate’s Political Gabfest Podcast. During a cocktail chatter segment earlier this year, John Dickerson shared research that suggested that Thursdays were the best days to start a new habit. Well, let’s see how Wednesday works.

Starting today, I’m embarking on a #30DayWritingChallenge. Care to join me? Let me know — let’s share inspiration. And who knows — I might get better at the creativity thing.

And thanks to Twitter pal Juan Martinez (@jcm21 on Twitter) for the idea!