Eat Good, Look Better, Feel Best

Health is the most important aspect of life. We have often heard that if health is good, then your mind will be always active. Healthy eating habits keeps your health good, thereby, keeping the doctor away from you and your families. Healthy eating habits includes eating plenty of “Fruits” and “Vegetables”. For improving your health, you just need to change your diet without doing any dieting or fasting. Smart choice of eatery items will give your body, a very healthy body. A balanced diet always helps you to stay healthy, maintains tremendous energy and brings more nutrients from your food.

Here are the best 5 nutritious eateries in the world:

1) Fruits: Eating fruits is the best way to be healthy with no side effects. Fruits will provide the highest nutrition which humans need for their daily busy life. Everybody likes to eat fruits like Apple, Banana, Grapes, Watermelon, etc. Fruits are an excellent source of antioxidants, it will reduce heart problems like heart attack and stroke. Science has proved that eating fruits helps to protect against certain types of cancer. Fruits helps to increase potassium and it lowers the blood pressure. These days, many people are suffering from kidney stones and this affects their daily health and therefore doctors recommends eating fruits like apples, strawberries, bananas, etc. All of us have heard right from our childhood that an apple keeps a doctor away. But today scientists proved that strawberries are more nutritious than apple. So now slogan is “A strawberry keeps a doctor away”. This healthy approach will make you stay healthy while smiling on daily basis.

2)Milk: It is the perfect and the complete package of nutrients which a human being needs in their daily life. Doctors recommends that one should have at least 2 glass of milk or 500 ml of milk everyday. Milk is the best resource for the vegetarians community. Milk keeps our body healthy and one’s body will not get fat eating milk. Science has proved that daily milk consumption will never increase fat but it will decrease the fat from your body. Instead you can use mixture of milk and lemon juice on your face. It will definitely give at least two tones glow within 4 weeks. Milk contains energy, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. Milk is the first and the necessary choice for the small babies in the world. Milk provides the necessary calcium to babies and keeps their bones strong. Milk also reduces blood pressure and heart disease.

3) Vegetables: These are one of the most balanced diet which provides proper nutrients. Vegetables keep the body fit and healthy and it has a load of benefits. Why should we eat vegetables? Vegetables are collected from agricultural way. There are plants for every vegetable and it gets collected by a specific technique. Here are the benefits of eating vegetables:
- Vegetables are normally having very less calories and fats and most of the veggies are naturally grown. 
- They are important sources of many nutrients like carbohydrates, potassium and many acids. 
- Vegetables prevents us from cancer. 
- It helps to prevent the kidney stones which can be quite vital at times. 
- It also helps to reduce blood pressure and doctors specially prescribes eating vegetables.

4) Beans: it is extracted from green plants which is naturally nutritious. Eating beans regularly results in reduction of gas problems. Beans are rich in calcium and proteins. It reduces the attack of heart and also helps to regulate the diabetes. It provides boost to our immune system and eliminates from the harmful elements in our body. Although green beans are very useful for our eyes and bones, it also regulates our digestive process. It always provides diet food which will help keeping the proper digestive system in our body.

5) Dark Chocolate: It has the highest amount of disease fighting ingredients and is preferred by many doctors for our healthy body. It regulates the required immunity in our body. Many doctors recommend dark chocolate for the improvement of our mind. It helps our thinking power at the top of its boundaries. Many research suggests that having 45 grams of dark chocolate every day will reduce the heart attack by 10%. It specializes in reducing blood pressure and improves blood clots. It decreases insulin resistance which is a major factor for diabetes.

Realizing the healthy approach for your body will improve your overall life. Here are the top 5 tips of having the healthy body:

Eat healthy eateries and whole grains: Healthy eateries include eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Make a hobby of eating at least one fruit and one vegetable every day. This results in regular improvement in your body and it will be less affected from outside diseases. Whole grains also help body fit and is benefited with huge amount of proteins. It includes white flour, rice, pulses, etc. research says that pulses provides more fat than an egg. Eating natural whole grains helps your body grow healthy naturally and this results in your healthy mind also.

Eat calcium eateries: Calcium helps body bones grow stronger and keeping strong teeth too. It helps mind to communicate properly with your nervous system and easily sends proper message to the body. This results in effective cell functioning and cell life cycle will be proper. Your everyday cell birth and death will be proper and will results in a healthy body. Fruits like banana provides high amount of calcium which a doctor recommends also.

Avoid bulk sugar in foods: Sugar leads to intense amount of heart problems and heart attack happens due to more sugar in our body. Doctor always guides of taking lesser sugars in our daily diet. Sugar leads to increase our weight and fat. Sugar leads to diabetes also. This will disturb your body digestive system and leads to various heart problems. It lowers our immunity system that will result in having various diseases.

Avoid more salt in foods: Salt is another important ingredient which is needed in our body but in proper proportion. Extra salt leads to heart stroke and ultimately heart attack. Our body needs only 1 gram of salt every day. Extra salt will cause kidney problem, memory loss, etc.

Eat healthy fats: you might be thinking why to eat fats? It means “Healthy Fats”. Not all fats are unhealthy. Many fats are very healthy for our body and we should include healthy fats in our daily life. Healthy fats include almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, flax seed, etc. this helps our body fit and healthy physically and mentally also. It actually balances our mind and body and let them communicate properly and this leads to a healthy and balanced life.

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