Do you ever imagine a feeling of light?

No crowded thoughts destroying you in the middle of the night.
No self doubts, no second guesses or fear.
No questioning why are we even here?
To give someone your heart is as if you were sacrificing a piece of you.
Oh, all the beautiful things we’d do.
Yet you’re clawing at my inner self.
My chest so heavy, my lungs so weak.
Trying to even find the words to speak-
Anxiety takes over, I lose all control
On the thoughts and emotions weighing down on my soul.
We often question, will we ever feel enough?
Why does the human brain take control and grab the reign? Leaving us with overthinking minds guiding to go insane.

On little words that were once said.

Oh, writing this why you’re asleep in my bed.
A constant recurring, battle to face.
Stuck in a wonder of time, yourself, or the place.
Seeking answers only God could provide.
Then you tell me you love me from far or wide.
Tell me, do the little things get to you too?
If so, then what do you do?
I push people away when the hurt is too predictable.
I refuse to be the oblivious unaware fool.
If this is the twisted emotional wreck love seems
Then leave me to wonder, forever in my dreams.
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