I know that i come off strange at times, but if you could read my mind then i think it would make up for the offputting gestures, expressions, and looks,

I read body language,

And for every move you make, in my head there is a book, for every line you cross in betwine i feel hooked, i wish to continue reading,

I wish to continue seeing,

i wish to continue speaking,

Sometimes i forget my breathing..

For a moment or tue,

As the imagination ensues i couldn't help but to think of you,

I couldn't help to be filled with wonder,


We couldn’t help ourselves,

so how could we help one another,

A brother?, shit, not even in the slightest,

A sister? Mnaa, You worried more of compliance,

I was born from defiance, rebuking all intentions to see me follow a path that was untrue,

But this time I tried to form an alliance,

And so you went ahead and tried to form one two,

But .. it didn't work,

.. And it didn't pano ut well for this party,

There were promises of truth and guarding .. from the point of our starting,

from the point of the scarring , from my point of view,

I allowed myself to be fooled by my own two .. by the truth,

that i wanted be lies, i never wanted to be myself, i wanted to be those guys, i wanted to be in this position,

and that state of mind,

but now i look back and am thankful that i didn't waste anymore of my time, that i didn't have to, to learn your essence,

Your presence was a present,

that i re gifted.

Thanks, .. but no thank you.

  • This is An Original Poem By Joshua Hampton Also Known As DahhDee