The GOP’s leaked plan
Kamala Harris

Joe Flower has a way to keep health care costs down.

My own healthcare experience has been the opposite of what Dean Owen describes. Costs were spiralling out of control well before the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Runaway costs started in the 1980’s with the advent of coding for medical services. The more “services” are provided (including unecessary tests, aspirin and a cup to put it in) the more hospitals, medical facilities, etc. can charge. The ACA slowed down the increases, ensuring that companies spend 80–85% of the money from premiums on actual health services. ACA isn’t dying, it was killed by politics and politicians.

Having one physical/year and one gyno exam/year included with your health insurance premiums hardly “creates irresponsible behaviors.” The point is to make it easier for people to get preventative care and to treat diseases early when it’s less expensive all around. That’s a win for the patient, a win for the national budget, and a win for the workplace.

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