My thoughts on President Trump’s new health care bill
Kirsten Gillibrand

To Senator Gillibrand, thank you for printing this! Keep up the good fight.

To G Horner, waiting for the final outcome on this new healthcare bill will be too late. The time to speak about what we want from healthcare is now. It took over 16 months for the Affordable Care Act to pass. The current government is trying to push this new bill through in less than 3 weeks.

At 7.4 billion people worldwide, our planet is over populated. Why is the current government making it harder for people to get birth control? When the state of Texas defunded Planned Parenthood in 2013, thousands of women were unable to get the long acting birth control they had previously used. Pregnancies by Texas women on Medicaid went up 27% according to a research paper in The New England Journal of Medicine. These unplanned pregnancies are expensive. Babies born to women while on Medicaid are some of the highest cost, life-long beneficiaries of Medicaid, so defunding Planned Parenthood isn’t a budget saver. Access to affordable birth control improves women’s health and saves COSTS big time. Isn’t that what the government should be promoting?

Every single one of us is going to be older. Do we want to pay 5x more than younger people? I’m self employed and I buy individual insurance. Before ACA my insurance premiums increased 30–40% year after year after year after year. It’s not sustainable. It’s not just hard for individuals. It was difficult for small businesses to insure their workers as well.

I have clients wealthy enough to own six houses. They don’t need a tax break to buy health insurance. They already go to the best doctors whenever they need to without any consideration of the cost. Why is the government giving the wealthiest Americans a tax break for health insurance and leaving 24 million Americans without coverage? That seems wrong. (To Economics in Pictures, the CBO has spoken. 24 million Americans stand to lose coverage under this new bill.)

Uninsured people will continue to use emergency rooms for health care. Emergency rooms are the most expensive, least productive kinds of care. We should be discouraging this practice by subsidizing preventive care sooner in people’s lives.

Joe Flower wrote an interesting piece on reducing healthcare costs. We All Want Healthcare to Cost Much Less -But We’re Asking the Wrong Questions.

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