A Brief Overview Of Colobond Fencing

If you live in Australia and are looking for a good fencing material, then your best bet would be to go with Colorbond fences. Read the article to know more about them.

Despite of the fact that there are so many fence materials available in the market of Australia, most people generally prefer Colorbond fencing over anything else. There are plenty of reasons behind the increasing popularity of this product. Some of them are stated below. Have a look:

1. Easy installation : Of all the other fencing materials, Colorbond fences are probably the easiest to install.

2. Maintenance : “Regular maintenance” is something this product was not designed for! A thorough cleanup for just once or twice in a year is enough to increase its lifespan.

3. Cost : The cost of Colorbond fencing is almost the same when compared with that of a timber fencing. Additionally there is no extra costs for painting involved.

4. Durability : The product acts as a long-lasting barricade against harsh climatic conditions and is immune to rust, rot or decay. The durability level of the steel used is very high.

5. Colours : Colorbond fencing comes in 14 different ranges of designer colours. So it is very easy to pick any colour for matching with exterior décor of a home.

Installing A Colorbond Fencing :

As stated earlier, Colorbond fencing can be installed easily with minimal effort because it comes with panels, posts and rails that are designed to fit very neatly together. An angle grinder with a metal cutting attachment and cordless drill are the only two tools required for completing the task of installation. The only other tools needed are a post hole digger, a string line and a level. The steps for installation are stated below. Have a look:

1. The first and last post holes will need to be dug up to a depth of around 600mm. 
2. Next, the string line must be run between the two holes.
3. After that, the rails will have to laid down with a gap of at least 5 mm.
4. Now the remaining post holes should be dug between each rail.
5. The end post must be roughly installed and then held in place roughly using broken pavers or bricks. 
6. In case of the internal posts, you need to screw 2 posts back to back together before putting them in the place.
7. Once the posts have been placed properly, the top and bottom rails are to be installed in a proper manner.
8. After completion of the installing process, unscrewing 1 end of each top rail and sliding the fence panes into their proper place is important.

The only difficult thing in the entire procedure is to make sure that the fences are perfectly level and straight. In order to get the best results it is advisable to get in touch with the services of one of the most experienced and professional fencing contractors in Perth who deals with Colorbond fencing.

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