A Quick Guide To Fence Installation

Fences are installed to provide security, privacy, safety, and to create a boundary line along your property. But what should be their height or which fencing material will you buy?

There are many kinds of fences available in today’s market. Each one has its own way of providing safety and style. You should not install a fence just because it looks inviting and charming. Your choice should depend upon your geographical location and the purpose to serve. For example, is your requirement a dividing fence or just a pool fence?

** Installing Pool Fences :

Pool fences often require some important consideration. This is because poor installation can lead to fatal & tragic accidents such as child drowning. It has been seen that most of the child drowning mishaps take place due to faulty installation of pool fences. Thus, the regulation for the height of a pool fence is minimum 1.2 metres. The gap of the vertical pickets must not be more than 100 millimetres. Note, the pool fencing laws may differ between territories and states. Thus, it would be a wise choice if you install the fencing and gates from the local fence supplier, as they know all about the fencing legislation in your area.

** Installing Dividing Fences :

Dividing fences are actually installed to separate a property from its neigbouring one. These fences too require special attention. Setting the posts is the most critical component. The looks and the safety of the fence entirely depend on the posts. General rule says that the hole of the posts must be 4 inches larger than the size of the post.

** Standard Material for Fencing :

When it comes to fence installation, Colorbond fences are the best materials that are suitable for usage in the climate of Australia. They are well known for their durability. The fences are specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Colorbond fencing is highly resistant to corrosion too, and it is even water and fireproof. Maintenance of these fences is quite easy. The fences are termite proof and do not rot. Being a modular system, they are really easy to install compared to other options. Colorbond fences come in a variety of colours that match with all kinds of landscapes.

** Fence Heights :

Determining the required height of the fences is a very confusing thing for most homeowners. Generally, the front face or the entry point must not exceed 1.5 metres. Sometimes, the height is allowed upto 2 metres if your property is situated right beside the main road. The side and rear of the fence should not be the same as the frontal part. If your property is located in a corner, it has a different set of installation rules.

Therefore, installing fencing and gates in your property is as easy as making a call to the local fence contractor and installer in Perth. Hiring such an expert professional will make your property shine with style and perfection.