Australian Regulations About Fences Around Swimming Pools

As per the figures of the Royal Life Saving, about 39 people in Australia died between 2013 to 2014 because of drowning in swimming pools. These included nearly 14 children below the age of five. This thing makes one particular fact very clear — it is important to implement more safety measures for reducing swimming pool related mishaps. For a long time now, it has become essential for people to fit safety barriers such as fences around their pools by law.

In general, pool fences are important requirements for spas or pools which are deeper than 30 centimetres. It is imperative for them to be in place before the space is filled with water. In fact, the fence must be put up right at the time of construction. The Australian Standard which applies to fencing around swimming pools has been designed for denying access to small children, that is why there are some minimum standards which the fence should meet:
>It has to be taller than 1.2 metres
>The gates must open only outwardly
>The gates should snap close on their own, engaging the latch
>Any existing fence such as palings or picket must be at least 1.8 metre in height and have a self-closing gate.

Apart from the above mentioned standards, there are a number of general regulations which apply to old as well as new swimming pools. A typical pool fencing in Perth or any other place within Australia must meet the following fundamental regulations:
>Made of long lasting material.
>Well maintained and without any holes, gaps or damage.
>At least 1.2 metres tall when measured from outside.
>Any perimeter around the fencing should be 1.8 metres high at the least.
>The gap between the ground and lower part of the fencing cannot be more than 10 centimetres. Same is for the gap between any palings or panels.
The gate should open outwards, and should be self-latching and self-closing. 
>The latch of the gate should be mounted right on the inner side, so that an individual can open the gate by reaching over it.
>In case the latch has to be outside, it must be placed at a height of 1.5 metres.
>Climbable objects like trees, BBQs, pot plants, outdoor furniture, pool pumps, etc. must not be present within a radius of 90 centimetres of the fence.

The list of general regulations is quite comprehensive and keeps changing every year. Therefore, it is important to check with the local authority before building a pool fence to make sure that it meets the Australian Standards.

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