System android is software that many in use currently on smartphones in the world.The possibility of things that often in natural android user this is “slow”, words often spoken for some, it may occur on low-end smartphones, but does not cover the possibility of the high end will slow as well. There are several factors that affect the performance of android for example App that makes the performance so much more weight and RAM will be increasingly used. Files that have been outdated or unused will meet the storage on internal it can interfere with your android system.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is a free tool that is used to clean the registry and optimize your computer. One of the important features in this program is the availability of a gadget to clean the cache left by browsers while surfing on the internet. This app can now be used in android Os smartphone. Things to wear in the know when CCleaner is makes it easy to use with just one click you can clean the temporary files, junk files, cache etc.

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2. Clean Master

Same is the case with CCleaner, Clean Master can be helpful in cleaning up the files that are unused. Clean Master is a complete cleaning application that lets you keep your Android device is always in a State of perfect, different optimization options in it that will clean the place of temporary storage, temporary storage place, remove or clean usage tracks in your mobile phone.

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3. DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is the control optimization optimal and Android shine with default security features antivirus free. This application can increase the speed of your phone by 60%, clean junk files (cache) from your system, and increase the available storage space on your SD card. This is the solution thoroughly with Android phones optimization combination application of advanced task cleaner function, enhancing the speed and RAM, storage Analyzer (garbage & cache), and master security guard& antivirus protection for your mobile phone.

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4.360 Security

360 Security is a security software security software phone & complete the most trusted in the world, with 200 million users around the world use 360 Security to ensure their mobile lifestyle with minimal way possible not to interfere with their daily lives.

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5. Sd maid

SD maid is an application capable of searching all the garbage piling up in smart phones. His goal was to clean up the parts that are not needed as well as freeing up some space in your mobile phone. He will be looking for everything in your mobile that you never imagined.

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