Get Paid to Play Fantasy Sports In The Metaverse

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The world of gaming is full of skill, art, emotion, and intensity. A person who has never experienced gaming cannot understand the beauty of it — someone who has never sat in front of a computer screen for hours and felt the sore fingers from the hard keyboard keys. A person who has never held a controller, experienced the adrenaline rush associated with close calls, or experienced tears after finishing a game cannot describe the beauty of gaming. There is no way to do it, as already stated.

When kids grow up, they are asked to give up playing games because what benefits can tiring oneself in front of a screen with a controller possibly bring? Making ends meet is not possible with it. Despite winning millions of dollars in world championships through exceptional gameplay and strategies, some gamers have to give up their passion to land a ‘well-paying’ job. Ultimately, it is about how gaming is not a way of life; it is merely a hobby.

True gamers now have a ray of hope thanks to the rapid advancement and onset of today’s tech-driven revolution. You can earn cryptocurrency while playing fantasy sports, too. Saleem Jadallah founded Allstars Fantasy to improve the world. Gaming in a world where people can earn money. A revolutionary online sports and gaming platform, Allstars Fantasy combines fantasy sports, football, and block technology to revolutionize play-to-earn.

The fantasy sports environment designed by Allstars allows the participants or players to carry out all the transactions within the game through digital assets. These digital assets may be loaded into the wallet prior to making any transactions for a smooth process. Not only this, but even the rewards are distributed in the form of crypto. This means players can actually benefit monetarily within this fantasy sports environment.

One might think about how these transactions increase the risk of cybercrimes and put the hard-earned money of the players at risk. But Allstars Fantasy has integrated blockchain technology to counter this very challenge.

Blockchain technology is truly one of the most powerful technologies that the world has ever seen. From the manufacturing industry to the finance sector and from the F&B industry and now to gaming, this technology is definitely changing the way the world functions. Saleem, who also serves as the CEO of the company, is one of the first ones to introduce this concept which is gaining much popularity among those united by gaming. Blockchain technology makes digital transactions perfectly safe and secure through this platform, making Allstars a perfect place to have a fun time while earning rewards in crypto. This platform ensures all players have an amazing experience that only ends with ‘happy’ tears. Daily challenges, head-to-head duels, and whatnot, there is a fun way to acquire the ‘crypto’ wealth at Allstars Fantasy.

A unique feature of this platform is that it puts community first. The concept of sharing the joy of winning is introduced. Even if challengers lose, this platform ensures that they get together for another activity after the game, putting away the disappointment of losing. A feature of Allstars Fantasy worth mentioning is that the team works to equip every player with the right tools to win. It is stated on their website that “winning means little if we can’t share the joy.” The team offers ‘insider information’ and smart strategies to regular players on the platform. The platform offers players the latest football news as well.

With inclusivity at the heart of this platform, Allstars Fantasy ensures transparency with its players, one of the biggest assets for the company. As the community of Allstars continues to grow, even the prize pool evolves to offer players rewards like never before.

Every gaming fanatic dreams of earning while doing what they love, and this is exactly what this community-centric fantasy football platform is offering! Dreams do come true.

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