Nigerians and the left-hand syndrome.

When I began to write,my parents realised that unlike other kids,I wrote with my left hand and to them,this was considered abnormal. So they tried correcting me because they felt it was a defect and this kind of disoriented me for a while because while trying to write with my right hand,I wrote from the right hand side of the paper instead of the left.

Unfortunately, the ‘defect’ wasn’t totally corrected and so,I grew with the constant taunts of ‘lefty’ and subtle derogatory remarks from people because to them just like my parents,it wasn’t normal.Some even went to the extent of telling me how it was going to be hard finding a husband seeing that I was left-handed(looking back,it sound funny though.)

Years have gone by and I’ve really become comfortable with the stares I get each time I pick up a broom or a knife into kitchen.Mosttimes,I’m seen as clumsy (at times I am)so I’m not really allowed to handle certain things like Icing a cake etc.

I still can’t fixate my brain on the prime reason why Nigerians see the left hand as an abomination.Considering the fact the fact that it’s a part of the body.Peope have come up with certain irrelevant reasons as to why it’s so.

To some,it’s a support system and as the woman is under the authority of a man and shouldn’t be given the authority,so is the left hand.

While to some others, it’s a bad omen,a sign of disrespect and so on.

To me,it’s part of who I am and in as much as I am grateful to my parents for correcting what they thought might be a problem to me in the future, I still wish I was left with my defect.