Packages of living

Experiences I’ve come to realise are relative and overly subjective.A much younger me would, each time I was faced with something different from what I was used to, like to compare it with that of others but in all ,it has ends up leaving me with a bitter aftertaste than the original event did.

You experienced a heartbreak,sweetheart you’ll get over it.You failed an exam,I tell you it’ll pass.Or maybe some events in your life are going contrary to what you’ve been used to,relax you’ll be free very soon.But one thing to be understood, is never try to compare it with others.It doesn’t advance growth instead it impedes on it.

It’s okay to seek advice from people who’ve experienced similar things but don’t rely on their methods of trying to fix things cos you are different individuals.The people that thought up workable solutions are also humans and they have the same brains as you,so you should also put yours to action.

Stop relying on people to help you get over your experience or use their experiences to match yours.

Stop the appendages and grow up cos that’s what grownups do.They live by experiences.

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