DJs Are More Valuable Than Ever

Have you heard of the paradox of choice? It means that too many choices leave us paralyzed. It has happened to me.

I don’t want to make playlists.

Brilliant innovators like Tim Westergren of Pandora and Daniel Ek of Spotify have scaled impossibly high mountains to create technology that makes more music available to more people more easily than ever before. The endless catalog of all of the music ever recorded since the beginning of time is available. You can find every song and artist on one or a combination of online music services.

I don’t want to make my own playlists. Trying to remember all of the songs that I love and albums that mean something to me feels impossible. I much prefer being reminded. I don’t want to think about what song comes next. I want to be surprised, delighted and rediscover songs I have forgotten about when I listen to music.

The only way to enjoy a playlist is when someone else makes it. A trusted DJ can take the reins all day and all night for me.

When I want a sure thing I go to my most trusted sources- my favorite DJs. Give me any of the five DJ AM Elton mixes on Soundcloud. I am willing to pay more for those free mixes on Soundcloud than I do to listen to the entire Duran Duran Paper Gods album in my car with Spotify Premium.

I would happily pay for an hour-long Morty Coyle 80s mix or a Fatboy Slim set from Ibiza’s Cafe Mambo just as happily as I paid to see them live.

For my money, give me a record collecting, obsessive, deep crate-digging DJ over the unlimited choices of online music services.

If I had a nickel for every time a Goddamn DJ saved my day…

Richie Panic had me (in pearls) and my girlfriends in the palm of his upraised fist in San Francisco. 2009.