It is Saturday and my white blouse has makeup all over the inside of the collar. It is a short sleeve button-up. My first Theory blouse. It is perfectly tailored, bright white and makes me look and feel so put together for Saturday errands. It is dry clean only and I have now worn it three times. I hope the makeup isn’t there forever.

Did I ever imagine I would end up here? If I was 21 or 31 and snapped my eyes shut and got to open them to my view, what is in front of me now, I would have no idea how this would be the place I am in, who I am with, the view out the door, the blouse, the manicure, the guitar the silver haired man is playing for me on the balcony. If I had seen this and tried to get here I never would have. This doesn’t mean I never had a plan or direction. It means that plans do not always work out and it means sometimes I leap without a net and take turns when I could have gone straight. The end up is that I am better than I could have imagined. Right here, right now. My family, my cat, Tom, my living, my wisdom, my incredibly diverse group of friends who inspire me. And I know that I am a good person.

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