Last night I did my mom’s makeup

The transformative power of red lipstick

My mom has been staying with me to look after her grand kitty, Lily while I am at work.

Last night we had no plans. Dinner was leftover pot roast she had made us the night before.

We just decided to take a little walk on the promenade outside my apartment. I put on red lipstick. Like red, matte, bright lipstick, with lip liner. I asked her if she wanted some. She said, “ok well, maybe, I guess.”

Gingerly she ever so lightly swiped a bit of the lipstick over her bottom lip and to get her top lip she did the thing you do when you put Chapstick on. Mom looked at me as if to say, “here, see I did it, I have red lipstick on.”

That is when I got to work. That’s not lipstick mom, you made your lips look smaller than they are. With her permission I sat her down and I put the red lipstick on like lipstick is supposed to be worn. She seemed to like it. So I added the liner and lined around her whole mouth, like when it was open. She got the giggles.

Allyson, are you serious?

I dabbed a bit of gloss in the middle of her bottom lip and asked her to do the Chapstick thing with her lips, lightly.

Mom turned around to look in the mirror and immediately I knew she was digging it.

Her expression said to me,

Wow I like how this makes me feel. Let’s go all the way.

I know one way to do makeup. It’s the way I do it on myself everyday. I learned from the lady at the MAC cosmetics makeup store. So mom got the makeup I do to myself.

“I feel powerful and confident and happy,” she said.

Mom hardly wears makeup anymore as she is retired and really not motivated to get gussied up. She has been kinda sad for a handful of reasons.

Mom now was looking at herself in the mirror from all angles and posing, admiring herself. She definitely forgot how great it feels to be all made up.

All those veins are covered, I can’t even see them! Wow doing my eyebrows with that pencil made my whole face look different!

My grandma always said to my boyfriends, “if you ever want to know what a woman will look like when she ages, just look at her mother.”

Grandma has been right so far since my mom looks like Grandma did at 62.

Outside beauty is not the most important thing for a woman. But Mom has been feeling down on the inside. Turns out that a face full of makeup made her feel beautiful. I think it just may have given her a sliver of lightness and the motivation to make her insides match. One baby step at a time.

All hail to the power of red lipstick. I feel good about me in 25 years. ❤ I have a good mom.

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