Tasting Kitchen Tuesday

There is a bar but it wraps around the side of the room. Some people are sitting facing bartenders and liquor and stuff. I am facing the chalkboard wall.

This is having dinner alone. But more because it’s like, hey lone lady you are facing the wall and you have to stare at the same chalk drawings and read em over and over. Because turning around just wouldn’t make sense. My food and wine are on the goddamn bar that faces the wall.

The Digiourno I had heated up for lunch sat sadly on the countertop where it had gotten cold and rubbery and hard. I couldn’t eat it again. Too demoralizing.

This is ridiculous I said to myself. I put on some lipstick, changed my tee shirt and here I am on Abbot Kinney.

Drinking Sancerre. Waiting for the next fork.