poor nations slow in developing basic skills of children

There are big numbers of young children in low and middle income countries are feel difficult to meet basic developmental standards that are linked with later life health, productivity and wellbeing. The children have different life for example they can study, also they do not meet basic milestones in either cognitive or socio-emotional development.


As we know with low cognitive development the children can’t follow simple directions and work independently and an inability to control aggression, avoid distraction and get along well with other children. With these poor basic skills development scores are deficits in the children’s physical growth. Around 17 per cent are estimated to be stunted.

By geographic regions, the Sub-Saharan LMICs show the highest prevalence (29.4 million children), followed by South Asia with (27.7 million children). The child need for additional policies and programmers that aim to “reduce children’s exposure to poverty, violence and other sources of toxic stress in the environment”.

Also they need resources and supports to promote children’s opportunities to learn. On other hand parents and other caregivers are the primary mechanisms through which children develop cognitive and socio-emotional skills in early childhood.


For example in UAE have high developing basic skills for children this is help country to developed more and more.

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