This is my personal resource guide that I share with aspiring or early stage Product Managers looking for a path into a product-focused career.

Having the right resume or the most impressive credentials is not always necessary to get your dream job or change your career path.

Practical and valuable business lessons learned from an award-winning product leader and blood clot + pulmonary embolism survivor

In business leadership and more specifically, the Product community, there is an extensive amount of time dedicated to discussing complex problems and how to solve them. I’ve often been asked, what happens…

One of my biggest character flaws has always been that I don’t want to be seen as a burden to anyone. My younger self would send important emails that went unanswered and only anxiously followed up after a few days. Never too soon to be annoying and always carefully crafted…

We talk endlessly about female empowerment these days and somehow women executives are more of an endangered species than ever. We are literally going in the wrong direction. The 2018 Fortune 500 list unveiled that 24 companies had a Female CEO.

I checked the clock for the third time in ten minutes, even though the end of my relatively short work day was still hours away. I constantly felt restless and unfulfilled. I knew what I wanted out of life, but three things were holding me back from making a change:

Jenna Gaudio

Product, Marketing, and Comms Exec with stories like you wouldn’t believe.

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