3 Lessons from a year old startup

Surely you can find 1,000s of lessons, but these are ours.

1. If you cant start it without funding. Don’t look for funding.

The Lean Start up defines it perfect. Get traction with the least minimal effort.

2. Your first customer is the first day you started

I dont say this to discourage. But you cant get stuck in then “im building it or getting ready” phase. Put something out & GO

3. Every idea or pivot feels like the “perfect” plan

Don’t trick yourself. Be practical about things, understand its never 100% right or wrong.

Bottom Line

There are many lessons to be learned. In no order of importance. Whats most important is your startups ability to play to your stregnths. Be agile, flexible and remember that Goliath was so big that he couldn’t make the same moves as David.