Starting a platform without any code

For thousands of people, the “American Dream” has turned into the “Internet Dream”. A dream you can make true, without even moving to America. Many have tried, many have suceeded, many have failed. Making money on the internet can be easy, or impossible. Here is one of the easier ways.

Platforms have been around forever. 100’s of years ago, the horse was a platform used to transport people and things from point A to point B. Today, Apple’s very own platform aka “The App Store” has grown into a huge ecosytem. And is the main reason other platforms exist, like Uber — a new age transportation platform. Our point is, platforms will always stand the test of time.

With the boom of the internet, platforms are now easier than ever to create, scale, sustain; and monetize. For this post, we’re going to focus on the creating part.

To get a platform started in the simplest way possible(notice i said start and not grow) you need two things — an idea and Wordpress.

In the beginning, your idea does matter! It should either solve a problem, replace an existing & outdated norm, or it should be so innovative that the world has no choice but to adapt it.

Hint — its usually between the first two options is a fairly simple, easy to use option for building a website. They have pre built marketplace themes, such as Marketify, which already comes with all of the functionality that you need to run your specified process. Such as profiles, shop pages, payments, commission — everything!

After you have your idea and wordpress theme; it’s time to design it. This is the most important part in starting up a platform without coding. If you can merge your idea, with good design and user experience, your odds for creating something successful will be magnified.

Focus on a few things when designing the experience of the site. Keep it simple and straightforward. If you want a user to do any type of behavior, make sure that behavior is clearly put on the screen in front of them, as soon as they hit your site! This will help with conversion and bounce rates.

Stay tuned for the next post, where we continue this concept of starting a platform without coding. We’ll go over launching, finding customers, product market fit and more.