As our Prime Minister praises Trump, she shows her true colours

Photo credit: Jay Allen / Crown Copyright via Flickr.

There is a new world order in play in global politics and those who are meant to make us feel safe are doing the opposite with their self serving political games.

Yesterday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May posed for a much hyped photo with US President Donald Trump, after which she praised him for his election victory and presented him with a special gift from the UK. This follows her speech the day before to members of the overall Republican Party in which she praised them for their election victory.

Whilst my political home is the center left and I disagree with the UK Conservative Party on many issues, I have always felt that the majority of UK Tories stood for decent humanitarian values. These include, but are not limited to, treating women and minorities with respect, understanding that not all Muslims are terrorists, not accepting torture under any circumstances, the right to free abortion, the fact that rape and discrimination must never be tolerated, helping people to flee war torn countries, and tackling climate change. Donald Trump, on the contrary, does not believe in any of this.

I expected moderate Tories to call Trump out for his dangerous rhetoric but have been saddened that nothing like this has occurred. Instead, I’ve heard rhetoric from the Prime Minister and her cabinet team is that we should be proud that Trump wishes to prioritise his relationship with UK, and excuse his extreme rhetoric as ‘fighting talk’ and campaign rhetoric. But the reality is as the days unfold, his threatening and unpleasant campaign promises are becoming reality right in front of our eyes.

May is behaving as though Trump is the bully in the school yard and she has joined his bully gang in order to not be bullied herself.

There is simply no polite way of putting it, Mrs May is acting cowardly.

It’s difficult to trust May when she attempts to convince us that she is not afraid of being frank with Trump. Having declared to the EU that it is either ‘our way or the highway’, May is now desperate to find partners and allies and is willing to compromise on key UK values in order to secure Trump’s support for a trade deal.

Let’s also remember that it was the Tories who got us into this mess in the first place by giving us a referendum that has divided the UK more than ever.

I understand the case for diplomacy and good international relations, and that all governments should be prepared to work with each other . However, Trump is unique and requires a unique response; we must definitely not turn a blind eye to his agenda.

Trump is shortly expected to sign yet another executive order, this time outlining that the US will make a cut of 40% in their voluntary contributions to the UN, which amongst other things, would involve walking away for treaties such as the Paris Agreement on tackling climate change.

The world must not accept this. A joined up international approach must be coordinated with the aim of isolating the US with trade sanctions, export and import tariffs and potentially a carbon tax on US products.

I’m not holding my breath for May to take a leadership role in this regard, she has not yet shown the muscle. Until the time comes when she does take a stronger stance and distances herself and the UK from the current US leadership, I can’t help but consider her behaviour cowardly.