We’re not above getting a little face lift — and that’s exactly what we did… to our web dashboard. There are various improvements to make your visual, and usability, experience even better. In case you don’t spot them all right away, we made a list.

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You requested it. Now it’s here.

Bracket orders are now available on Alpaca to better help you automate trades and mitigate risk. This is a new-to-Alpaca, advanced order type with three components: a primary order, a take-profit order, and a stop-loss order. Here is a link to the documentation on Bracket Orders.

How Bracket Orders Work

The first order sets everything up the way a normal order does, but it truly becomes a bracket order when it comes to deciding which of the two conditional orders remaining will be kept or canceled. …

At Alpaca, for months we’ve been talking to developers and users and repeatedly hearing the same request: please build OAuth support. Today, it’s here.

What is OAuth?

But what is OAuth? It’s a standard protocol used by many platforms — like Google, Slack, GitHub, Auth0, and more — that allows access to an API or service on behalf of the end user, without having to reveal information, like an API key ID or secret, directly to the user. …

It’s a great day to love Alpaca. It always is — but today you can turn your love of Alpaca into swag by joining the all-new Alpaca Ambassadors program!

The Ambassador program will be open to all (yay!). To join and become an Ambassador, at any level, you’ll need to fill out this Typeform, meet all requirements described for the level, and possess an Alpaca paper account. If confirmed, you’ll start to receive different kinds of swag based on what level of Ambassador you are — varying from stickers to custom Alpaca hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, stuffed alpacas and more! …

Today, more and more companies are working to accelerate the unbundling of financial services for the benefit of regular people. Passiv, a Canadian investment platform that lets you automate your brokerage account, is doing just that — helping people avoid high management expense ratios (MERs), move away from hefty Excel docs, and ease into passive investing.

After launching in Canada, the Passiv team wanted to offer their service to American investors, so they started looking for an American brokerage partner that could integrate smoothly with their portfolio-managing webapp. The answer? Alpaca. Alpaca’s API integrated seamlessly into Passiv’s backend infrastructure.


IFTTT can be used to build and trigger nearly anything you dream of. As of today, that includes building and triggering actions with Alpaca’s API for trading. Like with anything, we figure that showing examples of what incredible things you can create with the Alpaca API is better than just telling.

With the new Alpaca and IFTTT integration you can build any of the following… and more! The world is yours, and you don’t need to code to navigate it.

  1. Build an applet with Alpaca and your LIFX bulbs or smart home system to flash your lights if you’ve gained…

Nothing goes better with algorithmic trading than tons of data. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our integration with TradingView to give you deep insights into markets, stocks, etc, all while seamlessly using Alpaca’s commission-free API trading platform.

Want to know exactly how? We’ve got you covered.

What you’ll need to get started:

  1. An Alpaca account (make one here!)
  2. A TradingView account (make one here by clicking “join for free”)

Once you’re logged into both accounts, open a chart in TradingView (via the “Chart” tab).

When you’re looking at a chart, there will be a menu bar below it. …

Now you can place orders manually

We are excited to announce a manual trading widget on the main dashboard today! We recognize that trading with an API or algos doesn’t always need to be fully automated, and we hope you find a manual trading widget useful and convenient.

You can always check our user documentation for how orders work at Alpaca.

At Alpaca, we are committed to building the go-to investing platform for the developer community. With that said, in the next couple of months, we will be working on adding basic trading features on the dashboard that enhance Alpaca’s core API offering. Also, we will…

Hack Financial Systems

Since launching the Alpaca Trading API only 9 months ago, we have had the pleasure of supporting the activity of a growing number of individuals and businesses, from hobbyist coders to hedge funds.

Using our API, you have built beautiful applications and charting tools. You have experimented and refined with our paper trading environment. You have traded all types of strategies, some generating thousands of trades a day, completely commission-free. You have helped each other maximize the power of programming to “hack financial systems” through your active participation in our community.

New Features that Empower Your Trading

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of…


We want to share the recent developments that make it much easier to trade stocks manually without full-on trading algorithms.

Web Dashboard


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