Visualize categorical values through bar charts

A brief start about Bar charts

Bar charts are one of the most common visual tools we use. They are best known for comparing data categories. Even if they seem so usual for us, we might still have some handy tips to improve their usage.

In this article, we are…

A brief start about Sankey

Diagrams come into play and provide a global view of the information we focus on when we work with data related to industrial systems. Without them, identifying problems may become pretty hard. Sankey diagrams in the industrial sector are used to identify inefficiencies, visualizing energy balance and material flows. They…

Get a better understanding of what is context in industrial data visualization

About context in data visualization

Understanding context in dashboarding is essential and sets you on the path to success when it comes to creating visual content [1].

Today, we will cover this important topic in our journey towards data visualization.

A loopback in its history

Actually, data is…

A journey into Data visualization

What is data visualization

Files store values. Values are our data. A collection of data is information. Reading raw data stored in a file is possible. But interpreting raw data is impossible by reading it only. That is why we visualize them in an interpretable way.

“The greatest value…

Figure 1. Abstract illustration using shade colors

A brief start about color

We consume red strawberries and wait for the white ones to mature. A bar chart containing a red bar might indicate an alert while white bars mean regular activity. Colors give meaning to our context. Colors help us take better decisions. They have both psychological and physiological impacts on us…


Make the invisible, visible.

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