One can spot JW’s the world over.

This morning was spent doing a few essentials, getting HSL cards for public transport, finding a few odds and sods that the accomodation doesn’t provide. This entailed a walk into the centre, a visit to the station, a well earned coffee and a pastry, followed by a visit to a dept. store, which oddly didn’t have the one most required item - wine glasses, shock horror. We had thought to take the tram back with our purchases, but in the end decided to walk it - only a couple of kms or so, we did about 5km in total.

The mind fair boggles.

This was probably the thing which most intrigued us, does one sauna on the move, and the driver stops by a lake and naked people pour out and jum into the lake? One thinks that one might investigate this a little further to satisfy the boggled mind.