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Today’s software buyers are focusing on lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing quality.

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Some of the most innovative ideas come from existing employees. They just struggle to make it through the organizational pipeline.

The role of Procurement, similar to the role of IT, is taking a much more strategic role in driving the success of the business.

While Agile is “leaderless”, CEO’s still need to provide overarching direction as change agents, to maintain business velocity.

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Going fast to reduce risk sounds counter intuitive. But speed is just table stakes when it comes to digital transformation.

Definition of Agile by Ahmed Sidky, (Riot Games, ICAGILE)

Getting the most out of Agile methodology is closely related to how the organization views risk.

Patent for Ford Internal Combustion Engine

Everyone is under increasing pressure to buy effective technology to support digital transformation. How can non technical staff adapt?

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