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Today’s software buyers are focusing on lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing quality.

The demand for IT skills in MENA is far outpacing supply. To mitigate against this pressure, procurement teams need to enhance their understanding of how software is built to better manage risk and control costs.

Focus on these 3 things to drive procurement excellence:

  1. Manage the Risk of non functioning software
  2. Control Quality — Understand the difference between Build to Spec and Off the Shelf Software

1. Control Costs

How is software built?

Traditionally, outsourced IT projects would start with a complex and lengthy RFP requesting equally lengthy proposals entailing waterfall style planning and delivery; i.e. …

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Some of the most innovative ideas come from existing employees. They just struggle to make it through the organizational pipeline.

Business managers regularly pitch product concepts, but most remain on the drawing board, with actual launch and implementation being the exception rather than the norm.

Managing the development of new digital products and applications internally, means upskilling existing staff from multiple lines of business to become better Product Managers. This means empowering them with the ability to own projects, the knowledge of what skill sets will be required and how to think about creating business requirements and budgets.

Read this guide if you’re looking for help on how to get your company project from idea to live pilot!


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The role of Procurement, similar to the role of IT, is taking a much more strategic role in driving the success of the business.

Purchasing decisions made primarily on cost and scheduling are transforming into decisions that incorporate the overall company vision, which means buying based on outcome.

“Agile” is a project management method that was originally associated with software development, but, similar to Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, this process is rapidly being adopted by other industries outside of its traditional user base. The core belief at the heart of Agile is a relentless focus on user needs and organizing, delivering and work iteratively to continue matching those needs.

This article is intended for procurement teams and relevant executives that want to expedite…

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While Agile is “leaderless”, CEO’s still need to provide overarching direction as change agents, to maintain business velocity.

Agile is often associated with a “leaderless” approach, particularly given its core principles of self organizing. Because Agile is more of a culture than a process, and because Agile practices can differ from organization to organization, CEO’s need to leverage their authority to enable a change of culture, and a culture of change.

Research demonstrates time and again that CEOs think their companies are more agile and faster to respond to the market than they actually are. This gap; between what leadership thinks is happening and what employees on the ground are experiencing, demonstrates a failure in managing change.


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Going fast to reduce risk sounds counter intuitive. But speed is just table stakes when it comes to digital transformation.

In the digital economy, customer demand is the main driver of growth. In order to keep up, most firms are investing in building more digital products and services, and they’re using better software and more efficient software engineering practices to get there faster.

Software isn’t just an afterthought or a set of tools running quietly in the background anymore, it is becoming the central product or service, at least this is what customers expect.

You can see some of this in action already where firms reposition themselves to explicitly state they use tech or tech related products:

Eg “On-Demand Healthcare”…

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Definition of Agile by Ahmed Sidky, (Riot Games, ICAGILE)

Getting the most out of Agile methodology is closely related to how the organization views risk.

With each new technological or media revolution, companies are often told, “firms who don’t do x will get left behind”, which can be true, but not for all firms. What if your organizational process was set up to be able to react better and more independently in an increasingly dynamic market?

The Agile method copes with uncertainty better. …

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Patent for Ford Internal Combustion Engine

Everyone is under increasing pressure to buy effective technology to support digital transformation. How can non technical staff adapt?

Buying enterprise software for centralized or non-specialized procurement teams can be difficult. What sort of budgets should you be looking at to start with? What’s lacking in your existing IT team? Why is outsourcing rather than hiring more staff a better cost strategy in the long run? Finally — how are software contracts structured and what should be included?

In order to properly evaluate and compare your vendors and their quotes, we’ll breakdown the cost structure of software development so you can procure with confidence!

This guide covers:

  • Why Outsource, why not hire in house?
  • Skills Required
  • Onshore…

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