What is “Agile” and is it right for my organization?

Definition of Agile by Ahmed Sidky, (Riot Games, ICAGILE)

Getting the most out of Agile methodology is closely related to how the organization views risk.

With each new technological or media revolution, companies are often told, “firms who don’t do x will get left behind”, which can be true, but not for all firms. What if your organizational process was set up to be able to react better and more independently in an increasingly dynamic market?

Agile is a culture and can be applied to any process, not just software development

Agile can’t just be limited to IT because marketing, HR, accounting and many other functions are affected.

1. The Agile Manifesto as a Culture:

  • Customer focus — prioritizing customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Output orientation — prioritizing having something that works over comprehensive documentation
  • Adaptability in an uncertain context — prioritizing responding to change over following a plan
  • Empowering teams — prioritizing individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Research and Development — Prioritizing having something that works
  • IT — Adaptability


Managing projects using the Agile Method is conceptually very different to the traditional linear, sequential Waterfall method. Understanding how to develop and deliver working products in an iterative process can be a difficult theory to grasp.

  • Set out a roadmap of what you’re going to develop when, and plan your sprints to deliver that
  • In each 2–4-week sprint, you work on the feature you’ve identified, checking in daily to make sure everything’s on track.
  • At the end of the sprint, the feature is ready for testing and evaluation
  • Move towards creating a product you could ship, and release a minimally viable product (MVP) at specified intervals
  • Get client feedback on each iteration and feed that back into the Scrum development process
  • Start all over again


For non technical managers, if you’ve ever noticed how some digital brands keep appearing in the news with announcements of new features, or integrations with other products, or partnerships, that’s software engineering excellence in action.

  • Can deploy features fast
  • Is continuously integrating and developing new code
  • Has an automated process for testing and deployment

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