An All-In-One Solution for NFT

5 min readNov 26, 2022


What is is an All-In-One NFT solution which makes every experience with NFT of users become comfortable, enjoyable and profitable. is designed as an open space for NFT creators, traders and collectors. It can be assumed as a mighty complex including various features. aims to simplify the entire process of building (generating), buying, selling, exchanging, and pricing NFTs for the end user.

In addition, also brings much value for the end users owning Bear NFT and $BEAR tokens. These users will share the project’s revenue and profit, and all information will be transparently updated onchain so that shareholders can get the information easily. also brings in GameFi features to make NFT ownership become more interesting and attractive for end users.

Our mission can be summarized with the following statements:

  • Enable our community to have the smoothest experience with an All-In-One platform for NFT
  • Empower our community to create and be involved with NFTs
  • Provide an economical solution for traders and collectors to own NFT at a super-low price while still making significantly profit

We hope that will be your first choice when thinking about a complete solution for NFT lovers.

The story behind

To be involved in the crypto world, we truly understand and deeply empathize if your experience might not always be “happy” or “interesting”. Lack of liquidity, slumping financial markets, rising inflation,… It’s so hard to face those irritating circumstances alone.

Bred from the desire to become a fellow of crypto-ers, is born with the “bear” as the central icon. The bear is a spiritual symbol representing strength, courage, protection and tenacity. It also depicts a gentle friendship that lasts for a long time.

Make sure that you are not alone when going with this cutie gift. May your journey bloom along with such a playful and cheering friend:

The ecosystem

With a complete ecosystem provided, comes along with a complex of features, aiming at generating a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for NFT.

  • BearMINING: The first and foremost part of the ecosystem, allowing users to own token-mining NFTs
  • BearLOTAlphaBear Lottery: The second part of the ecosystem representing AlphaBEAR’s gamefi elements, where users can participate in the lucky lottery game and receive attractive prizes
  • BearPLACE — AlphaBear NFT Marketplace: The multichain NFT trading platform
  • BearPAD — AlphaBear NFT Launchpad: The launching platform where projects can start selling NFTs with only a few simple steps and low cost
  • BearCHAIN — AlphaBear Chain: The dedicated chain optimized for NFT with fast speed and low cost
  • BearWALLET: The wallet allowing users to store tokens and NFTs of different networks and can instantly trade, buy, sell, exchange with other users
  • BearCREATE: Allowing users to create their own NFTs to exchange, buy, sell and trade
  • BearDEX: The 1st NFT DEX in the world being able to price any NFT and automatically liquidate it at the best cost
  • BearSAVING: The flexible and diverse saving solution
  • BearSTAKING: The NFT staking solution by valuing NFTs of other projects, converting to relative value and enabling staking for profit
  • BearDAO: The decentralized autonomous organization of the project, granting ownership to the users who own $BEAR tokens

The Official NFT

Along with the ultimate ecosystem, also creates the official NFT BEAR, which are AlphaBEAR token mining machines. Each NFT has a different hashrate and can mine different amounts of tokens depending on the difficulty of the network.

The BEAR NFTs come in 5 types with different properties: Metal — Wood — Water — Fire — Earth. There are 9 levels in total, and users can level up their NFTs in order to increase mining speed.

The NFT Category:

  • Ice BEAR — Metal Element
  • Panda — Wood Element
  • Black BEAR — Water Element
  • Red BEAR — Fire Element
  • Golden BEAR — Earth Element
  • Diamond BEAR — The special bear which can be generated only if users possess 2 BEAR NFTs reaching level 9. This is also the “super bear” with exclusive token mining speed

How users can benefit from owning BEAR NFTs:

  • Mine $BEAR token from BearCHAIN
  • Own a lottery ticket to win $BEAR tokens, NFT, USDB (BearCHAIN’s stable coin), $BNB, BEAR tickets
  • Exchange, buy and sell NFT BEAR on BearPLACE

The Official Tokens

There are 2 official tokens launched by

  • $USDB — USD Bear: The stable coin of
  • $BEAR: The governance token of, and also the payment unit for applications within the ecosystem

How to own $BEAR token:

  • Mine token with NFT BEAR
  • Purchase token early through Pre-Holder-Offerings (PHO)
  • Buy token on DEX/CEX exchanges after the project is listed

Benefits for $BEAR Holders:

  • Receive airdrop NFT, token from projects on BearPAD and other projects collaborated with
  • Sharing profits from swapping
  • Enjoy BearSTAKING and BearSAVING
  • Own shares of the project and receive a part of project’s revenue and profit

What makes stand out?

Why should you choose as your crypto destination?

Ultimate NFT Collection

The NFT Collection is designed by an American artist team with trending and irresistible appearance. The multichain feature allows users to trade on any NFT exchange. The unlimited NFT supply goes along with NFT burning mechanism which can support price moderation at certain times.

Ideal-price NFT provided

With, game entry cannot be easier and cheaper. You can possess NFTs only with a super low fee. Low-cost but highly profitable, this is the “deadly charm” that brings to users.

All-In-One NFT solution

No barriers are left. We offer a “full-stack” ecosystem that makes all transactions become smoother and more economical than ever.



AlphaBEAR is an All-In-One NFT solution which makes every experience with NFT of users become comfortable, enjoyable and profitable.