NFT Allowing Cryptocurrency Mining — The Brand New Method to Make Passive Income

3 min readNov 23, 2022

The concept of NFT is being modified. It used to be treated as funny images that caused hype on the Internet, but now it is much bigger than just pics. NFT is the tool for verification and digital proof of ownership that opens access to the digital economy.

We used to live in a world where third parties played a key role, whether in services, documents, electronic copies, etc. Now all these processes are moving online, where there are no middlemen. That’s a massive leap in the digital economy and the beginning of the financial revolution.

NFT market statistics:

  • Between 2020 and 2021, there has been a 450% increase in the number of unique NFT buyers. It went from a monthly volume of 10,000 buyers to 40,000
  • In early 2021, transactions with NFTs grew by 21.5 times; the number of active buyers increased from 11,000 to 190,000
  • The NFT market possesses a total market cap of more than $11.3 billion
  • This data comes with a prediction that the NFT space will see its total market cap climb to $231 billion by 2030

Why is it worth buying NFT?

NFTs always create hype and the prices are growing. Normally, people are buying NFTs for several reasons:

  • To Access Exclusive Perks: entry into exclusive online forums and early access to upcoming NFT collections,…
  • To Profit: Buying NFTs and then reselling can be beneficial since the NFTs value depends heavily on demand and how much someone is willing to pay for it
  • To Preserve Value:

NFTs can be seen as a digital store of capital due to their ability to preserve value. Because they’re not subject to inflation like traditional currencies, certain NFTs offer a safe and stable investment option. This isn’t always the case, however, with some experts claiming that most current NFT offerings could lose up to 90% of their value in the years to come.

  • To Secure Digital Ownership & Rights

NFTs are a secure way to verify digital ownership. Each individual NFT is tracked and verified on a decentralized blockchain, making it practically impossible to forge or steal. This makes them ideal for safeguarding digital rights, especially in the case of physical assets like real estate. Using NFTs to mine tokens is possible is a project that makes it easier for anyone to join cryptocurrency, make small investments and engage in token mining. Users after owning NFT BEAR will enjoy lifelong token mining, and make passive profit as well.

With, users can definitely enjoy to the fullest of the crypto mining journey. Instead of buying crypto with fear of losing money, why not buying NFT to mine crypto and earn profit for a lifetime?

Main benefits to buy crypto mining NFT:

  • Making a low-cost investment when buying NFT BEAR
  • Being able to trade NFT later at a better price
  • Mining $BEAR token and make profits for a lifetime
  • Instead of buying crypto and taking risk with a “nervous” mood, now all things can be simplified when buying NFT and enjoy lifelong mining token
  • Owning a safe investment and have passive income in the bear market period
  • Getting lottery tickets and grab special prizes

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