How to set up a Phantom wallet?

1. First, you have to download any Solana wallet but we recommend downloading Phantom wallet at

2. Scroll down and choose your browser by clicking on its logo.

3. You’ll be redirected to Chrome Web Store. Brave Browser is used in this tutorial so you’ll have to click ‘Add to Brave’ button.
If you’re using Google Chrome, you have to click ‘Add to Chrome’ button etc.

4. Then, you’ll be redirected to the Phantom extension. If you don’t have a Phantom wallet, click ‘Create a new wallet’.
If you have a Phantom wallet, log in to it and follow further steps.

5. To create your account you have to set up a password.

6. You’ll be given your Secret Recovery Phrase (seed phrase). It is the only way to recover your Phantom wallet. Store your seed phrase in a safe place so nobody can access it.

DO NOT share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. If someone has access to your secret phrase, they will have access to your wallet. Phantom support will NEVER ask you for your secret phrase or your private key.

  1. Then click ‘Continue’ and then ‘Finish’.
  2. You’re all set. Congrats! You created your Phantom wallet.

Set up a Phantom wallet, take part in our competition, and get access to the AlphaBatem metaverse here

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