AlphaCar has formed strategic partnership with safe driving solution provider Go2solution

The community of safe driving created and developed by Go2solution is being supported by new and valuable partnerships in order to make insurance smart and digitized. After several months of anticipation Go2solution announces strategic alliance with the AlphaCar project, acquiring the access to the Chinese automotive market — the largest market on global scale — in 2018 , but not in 2020 as expected earlier.

Go2solution application is an innovative insurance solution on demand, which build the new stance of insurance from scratch. The mission of the application is to create the safe drivers’ community and promote the idea of safe driving culture in society. Belonging to Usage-based Insurance family, Go2solution app provides an individual approach to every customer, better risk management, improved fraud analysis, and overall safety of the driver. The participants of the community become the co-creators and regulators of the industry.

Go2solution planned to enter the Chinese automotive market in 2020. Thanks to strategic alliance with AlphaCar this plan is being fulfilled in 2018, as AlphaCar is a powerful and unique project, targeting to create 50 million community in next 3 years.

AlphaCar project owes its quality to high-profile professionals that combine its team. Due to know-how exchange program the achievement of the goals is based on high-profile expertise of the powerful advisory team. With over 20 years of the extensive experience on the Chinese automotive market, Go2solution is proud to collaborate with Professor Shengli Zhang, top expert in the blockchain technology, and Bill Deng, experienced entrepreneur in automotive industry.

AlphaCar has developed the unique frame of reference, which encompasses the global automotive domain, and usage-based insurance is ranked first within their paradigm. The missions of Go2solution and AlphaCar are aligned and are looking in the same direction. AlphaCar seeks to create the community, which is why it has pinned high hopes on this collaboration. And Go2solution becomes the exclusive partner in the countries of the European Union.

In less than three weeks Go2solution and AlphaCar will find themselves under one roof for joint meeting. The two projects will be discussing and elaborating on the strategic planning of the further campaign.