AlphaCar Invited to Wugu Blockchain Forum to Discuss Auto+Blockchain Applications

AlphaCar is honored to be invited to discuss the topic of auto industry + blockchain with blockchain experts and enthusiasts in the Wugu Blockchain Forum.

On the night of May 25, a heavy rain is not enough to extinguish the heart of the blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. There is a full house on the spot and everyone waits for an exciting show.

Blockchain experts, investors and enthusiasts gather at the forum

Wugu is a community centered on serving the blockchain industry. There are 25 founding members. Each event held by the forum focuses on blockchain technology and applications.

Wugu Forum Founder and President Mr. Cu gave an openning remark
Famed blockchain investor Mr Shen hosted the event
AlphaCar COO Mr. Zhang introduced the project to the audience

Prior to the forum, Bill Deng, founder and CEO of AlphaCar, and Zhou Yi, founder of Jiangyi Classic Car, reached an agreement on the cooperation of the blockchain+classic car project. The transaction history of classic cars can be recorded on the blockchain.

Ms Lin introduced Blockchain + Classic Car

Forum participants discussed the future industry layout of classic cars in the Chinese market. It shows that in both the used car and the classic car market, there are many pain points and problems that can be solved by the blockchain technology.

In the future, the blockchain + classic car industry will record all classic car transactions in the market through blockchains, link the information,and conduct big data analysis, so that the majority of the classic car owners will enjoy trustworthy transparency and continuous optimization.