My Experience With Webflow

I have heard about Webflow from several different YouTubers I watch. I always figured I would code everything myself, because I can do it better. Boy.. was I wrong about that!

I tried out WebFlow for the first time building my personal site. Yep, this site 👈 was built using WebFlow and it was fantastic. I started with a mockup I designed inside of Sketch and then moved right into WebFlow.

What got my attention was the speed I was building this site in. Usually I have to write out all the html and use sass to design it at the same time. With WebFlow I drag a div block over and simply add my styles.

Once I have the site built inside of WebFlow I can download the source code or hit publish through WebFlow. WebFlow is not powerful enough to handle some task that I need for client websites. But, it is perfect for a lot of the smaller companies I work with. I can develop their site and allow them the ability to edit things on it as well.

So will I be using WebFlow in the future? My answer is hell yes! WebFlow has a lot of things to like and it makes my job a lot easier. I can’t wait to see the new features they add in the coming months.

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