How Much Will McGregor and Mayweather Make From This Fight ?

It started with a feud on Twitter and has since then exploded into what is expected to be the most lucrative fight in the history of boxing.

The upcoming fight between McGregor and Mayweather will be a battle of will, physical prowess, and of course, money. Mayweather’s nickname is money, and McGregor professes his love for cash on a weekly basis. So, the question follows:

How much money will McGregor & Mayweather make from the fight?

And will it be the most valuable money fight of all time?

Mayweather’s May 2015 bout against Manny Pacquiao holds the record, with a total take of $623.5 million. Can McGregor and Mayweather beat it?

For Mayweather, this will define whether the last chapter of his career will end with glory (and a 9-figure paycheque), or humiliation. For McGregor, this can skyrocket his standing internationally forever, or teach him a lesson or two about challenging a boxer with a 49–0 streak.

After a year of barbs, witty insults, and bold proclamations, the two have finally butted their heads (figuratively, the real fight will be in Las Vegas on the 26th of August) last Tuesday on their first press conference.

If you enjoyed watching the dialogue between the two over the internet, then you must check out their lightning-quick press tour to promote the fight — as everyone hoped, it was an absolute spectacle.

In the first press conference, Conor McGregor had Dana White in his corner; Floyd Mayweather had Floyd Snr backing him up.

The 28-year old had an expletive (one very much on brand with Connor) imprinted all over his navy suit, and the out-of-retirement legend reciprocated by pledging to end the fight with the younger fighter waving the ‘white flag’.

Neither Leonard Ellerbe, chief executive officer for Mayweather Promotions, nor UFC Dana White discussed financial details during the conference call.

This is due to a contractual clause whereby the two boxers are restricted from revealing all of the financial details publicly. Per

Per Nevada State Athletic Commission law, there will be a preliminary release of the purses the day before the fight, but this will not include the percentages of the gate, pay-per-view buys, and other bonuses.

Different numbers are flying all over the internet, so #teamalpha has decided to navigate through the sea of trivia to find out just how much money the two boxers stand to make.

How Much Will Mayweather Make?

Floyd Mayweather is the figurehead of “The Money Team.” As he demonstrated in the first press conference, where he took a $100,000,000 cheque from his backpack, he loves to flaunt his cheques, his cars, and his winning betting slips.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been adamant that it would take another nine-figure payday to get him out of retirement after his match with Manny Pacquiao.

According to Keith Idec of Boxing Scene, the financial guarantee for his fight against Conor McGregor was high enough that not even the wealthy boxer could refuse.

Then again, Mayweather himself asserted that “Money isn’t everything… It’s the only thing”. So we don’t think he needed that much convincing.

Nevertheless, the 40-year-old Mayweather is expected to at least earn $100 million for the fight and, if the event hits all of its monetary metrics, his take could burgeon to four times that much.

Boxing Kingdom likewise predicts that presuming PPV targets are hit, he will make around $400 million.

How Much Will McGregor Make?

You would think that with such animosity displayed between the two boxers, they would be opposites of each other.


The Irish professional mixed martial artist and professional boxer Conor McGregor is known for his extravagant lifestyle and trash talking.

In 2016, he was the first mixed martial artist to place in the Forbes top 1 — highest-paid athletes with $22 million.

This year, he has risen further up the ranks and is tied at #24 with $34 million in total earnings.

He has openly professed his love for cash and has had no problem saying how much he makes — $40 million in 2016 (according to him). It may be a bit of a roundup, but his words aren’t empty — he is acknowledged as the biggest pay-per-view draw in MMA history.

According to Keith Idec of Boxing Scene, McGregor will make at least $75 million. This may seem like a small number compared to Mayweather’s, but this is five times as much as McGregor has made from any UFC event.

At 28 years old, this type of purse is enormous. Dana White said that he stands to make around $100 million.

Boxing Kingdom predicts that presuming PPV targets are hit, he will make around $127 million.

The odds may not be in his favour, but win or lose, he’ll be coming out of this with a hefty sum of cash.

Will It Make More Money Than Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao?

Short answer?

It is unlikely.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao in May 2015 had ticket revenue of $72.2 million by selling 16,219 tickets at MGM Arena at an average price of $4,451 each.

The T-Mobile Arena in Vegas has 3,200 more seats to sell. But, while the fight will certainly sell out, the average ticket price won’t be as high. At the end of the day, the event is a spectacle, not a title fight.

Most of the big bucks will come from celebrities who have are starving to watch a UFC fight

Although McGregor will probably draw more of an international crowd from Europe than Pacquiao, odds are that the event will miss the Mayweather-Pacquiao ceiling by around $2 million.


Mayweather and Gregor are not the only ones who stand to make a profit from this match.

Bookmakers everywhere are offering lots of betting markets on the fight, from who will win, to how it will be won.

You can bet on the match whether you’re from the US, or elsewhere.

If you’re uncertain over who will win, you may want to opt for totals betting instead.

Remember:Be strategic.

This may not be the match that makes the most money in history, but it is still shaping up to be the biggest fight in combat sports.

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