Six Reasons Why You Need to Get Serious About Social Media

Everybody is on social media

You want to put all of your effort where people have their attention. Last year (2016) a study found that the average person spends just under an hour each day on Facebook and Instagram. We are certain that this number will continue to increase.

Connection, trust, engagement

People first want to receive value before they invest any time or money in your product or service. This value can be simple- YouTube videos, Facebook/Instagram posts, etc.

Additionally, they want to feel connected to you and your brand. The way that you make this connection is by first understanding who your core audience is and what they want. Then you can provide them value through social media content that’s relatable.

Finally, social media allows you to communicate with your followers more intimately through direct messaging. Communicating with your followers through direct message can make them feel important, and understood on a deeper level.

Expert Status

Having a strong presence on social media allows you to position yourself as one of the experts, if not theexpert in your field. When you become an expert, you will increase the likelihood of people investing in your product or service.

The reason for this is two-fold. First, if you have a decent following, you instantly gain some level of trust through social proof. Second, your followers can experience your knowledge, skills, and superiority-without having to invest any money.

Awareness and Virality

One powerful feature on social media is the ability for your followers to like and tag their friends. On Facebook, if one of your followers likes or comments on your post, that post will appear on their friends’ timeline. I’m sure you can see the value in that.

Furthermore, you can post in a way that influences your followers to tag their friends. This is usually done with high-quality posts and contests.

Cost-effective ads

Never before has it been so inexpensive to reach massive amounts of people through, paid advertising. Better yet, you can effectively target specific audiences and then retarget them based on the actions that they take.

Looks weird if you’re not on social media

Most likely, potential clients will look up your company up on social media. If you don’t have a presence, you will quickly lose trust from the lack of social proof and obscurity.