Alphacat is providing new cryptocurrency forecasting!

Voting for “the cryptocurrency you want Alphacat to forecast next” is closed. Thank you for your support!

Combining the results of both our international and Chinese communities, NEO obtained the highest number of votes! The Alphacat team will soon launch NEO daily forecasting.

Like the BTC forecasting bot, The NEO bot will also be driven by the ACAT Engine and the prediction results will come from 1,000 deep learning bots. The current NEO daily forecasting bot is undergoing beta testing, but it is already proving to effectively forecast NEO’s daily price trends.

The Alphacat Team is pleased to announce that investors who hold more than one million ACAT tokens will have free access to our revolutionary NEO forecasting service!

Eligible token holders that send a screenshot showing their wallet and ACAT tokens will have unlimited free access to the forecasting service for an entire month.

The detailed rules are as follows:

● Participants must hold one million ACAT or more

● Participants need to send an email to to apply. The email must include: your complete wallet address and screenshots of both your ACAT balance and your wallet address

● Please write: “Applying for NEO forecast” in the subject line of your email

● Participants whose applications are approved, will start receiving the NEO forecast email five work days after they submit their application

● Applications will be accepted until June 3th (UTC+8)

● The NEO forecast service will last for 30 calendar days, options for renewal of the service will be announced later

● If the information in an application is not qualified, Alphacat has the right to turn down the application

The forecasts are jointly made by our 1,000 AI robots. Each robot calculates the probability that NEO will rise in price and all of those predictions are aggregated to give a final percentage probability.