Alphacat Report (August 16–31)

Sep 3 · 3 min read

Dear Alphacats!

As part of our efforts to be transparent and have regular communication with our community, we are pleased to share our half-monthly report which includes our progress during this period and our outlook for the future.

Product Development

  1. AI Forecasting Engine

Real-time Forecasting System:

(1) ACAT’s CA — Lab has completed the latest round of research around deep learning and online prediction algorithms for cryptocurrencies, and has successfully achieved many innovative research results.

The study found that the neural network structure employed could be improved, based on the previous LSTM model. In order to achieve a more accurate trend prediction, as well as better price prediction accuracy, we have explored different modeling structures: Price/trend targeting and series modeling, as well as price/trend targeting in a parallel model. The various models are shown following.

We have tested and evaluated several models using the latest cryptocurrency market datasets.

We will in future study the improvement of various models, and gradually combine the new algorithm with the intelligent trading system to use our research results in real trading.

(2) Previously, when the market rose and fell sharply, the intelligent trading system would assess the calculation results of the neural network and the actual market as having a particular deviation, resulting in the cumulative distortion of the price forecast. After research, we have found the mathematical reasons for this occurrence, and have improved the new algorithms of the intelligent predictive trading platform system. We will continue to optimize the level of the risk/reward ratio results.

2. ​ACAT Store

By the end of June, the ACAT Store had listed 104 applications in total.

All of the ACAT Store applications were developed by either Alphacat’s official development team, a third-party team integrated with the ACAT platform or are third-party applications fully developed by others. In the early days of our platform, most applications were developed via cooperation with the Alphacat Team and third parties. Cooperative development refers to the use of our Alphacat Engine to create and deploy applications. At present, more and more third parties have discussed cooperation with us. We also welcome excellent developers to contribute to building up the ACAT Store and its ecosystem.

Crypto Research Report

[Technical Analysis]

Decrypting the World of Crypto Assets


[Trading Tools]

Armory Secure Wallet

For developers, we support the following:

i) Developers at the conceptual stages of product design.

ii) Developers who already have products listed in the store.

iii) Developers who already have products and are certified by Alphacat.

iv) Developers who are working in cooperation with the Alphacat Team.

In the future, we will provide different services for different types of developers.

For listing inquiries and business cooperation, please contact:


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Alphacat is a robo-advisor marketplace that is focused on cryptocurrencies, and is powered by artificial intelligence & big data technologies.

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