Alphacat Report (September 16–30)

Dear Alphacats!

As part of our efforts to be transparent and communicate regularly with our community, we are pleased to share this mid-month report, which includes our progress during these last two weeks and our outlook for the future.

Product Development

ACAT Store:

1. At the end of this month, one of the core parts of the Alphacat project — the ACAT Store, was updated to V1.6.0.

The following are recent additions to the ACAT Store:

1) New section added for promoting the latest events, product updates and news.

2) A recharge function for each separate product has been added.

3) Media section added, with: Hot, News, FAQ, and Blog channels. From these channels, users can directly view the latest industry news, official announcements, product introductions, etc. This section is expected to be open to users in the Store’s next version.

4) The personal user page has added ‘recharge records’ and ‘purchase history’ functions. Users can check their recharge status, consumption status and remaining service times, at any time.

2. Alphacat AI Forecasting Engine

Cryptocurrency real-time forecasting system: The real-time forecasting algorithm is currently being further studied in depth. The objectives include the following aspects: (1) The testing and research work of the PRNN-LSTM core algorithm is basically complete, and the interface of the prediction tool is currently being implemented. (2) Designing the PRN-LSTM AI deep learning platform for various cryptocurrency data. Because different types of traders have different requirements for forecasting targets, deep learning platforms should predict different forecasting targets. (3) Design a targeted prediction algorithm for different cryptocurrency types and data structures with different characteristics.


1. Voting for the ‘Next Token Forecasting Application (V2)’ has begun. Based on the results of user votes worldwide, the ADA real-time forecasting application has been listed in the ACAT Store. The ACAT Store’s Market Forecasting channel now provides real-time forecasting applications for BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO and ADA.

With the close cooperation of developers and the continued improvements to the Alphacat Forecasting Engine, forecasting applications for other cryptocurrencies will continue to be launched. The second round of voting was launched in the last week of September, allowing users to participate in the selection of new applications. The cryptocurrency with the highest number of votes will be given priority to launch in the ACAT Store’s forecasting channel.

2. As of the end of September, Alphacat’s global community continued to grow stably. The number of Facebook users continued to rise, from 17,670 to18,582, a growth rate of 5.2%. The number of Twitter users increased from 15,000 to 15,324, a growth rate of 2.2%. Alphacat’s global community is gradually maturing.