Vote for Alphacat’s Next Crypto Forecast App! (V2)

Dear Alphacats,

Voting for the ‘Next Token Forecasting Application (V1)’ has closed. Based on the results of user votes worldwide, the ADA real-time forecasting application has been listed in the ACAT Store. So, the ACAT Store’s Market Forecasting channel has listed real-time forecasting applications for BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO and ADA.

With the close cooperation of developers and the continued improvements to the Alphacat forecasting engine, forecasting applications for other cryptocurrencies will continue to be launched.

Now, we are opening a second vote for the next real-time crypto forecast. We hope that every Alphacat user, and others who are interested in the Alphacat project, will participate!

Questionnaire link:

*The Alphacat team shall have the final interpretation of all results.