你好! Good news — Alphateca keeps developing on the global stage and makes the platform even more convenient. You no longer need to use external translators, as the Chinese version is already on the site.

5 languages;

410k daily visitors globally;

fast and secure transactions;

user-friendly interface;

special promotion&ad tools.

During the recent ICO boom, a huge number of agencies, advertising consultants and other wide-profile specialists have appeared on the market. They are ready to offer any marketing activities: starting from a “turn-key” ICO to social networks management.

Mistake №8- do not expect third parties will do all the marketing work for you and show the right way to develop the project. It would help if you always understood that given the short — term of ICO, the primary goal of such outsourcing companies is to make a profit here and now. No one will use different methods, pilots, individual…

Gathering our thoughts, we started preparing for the ICO and the first step, of course, was to sum up the information. We had to analyze which ICOs appeared to be successful and which did not, as well as observe the fund-raising all in all. We looked through accessible databases to list our ICO, created a spreadsheet and embarked on the further investigation. By that moment, the situation was as follows:

- Mainly the ICOs which did not have an actual and valuable concept had failed;

- Those who participated in the Asian market succeeded with token sale;

- There has…

Receive reliable information about the involvement of the advisor in the claimed ICOs and his expertise.

Practically any ICO you might look upon has at least a couple of advisors included in the list of team members. Advisors are aimed to affirm the integrity of the project and add more value to it. They all have available ratings, and any team can observe and make their choice.

How advisors actually work

At first, we opted for a standard approach, so we looked through several advisory services ratings and chose two candidates who promised to have the work done for an affordable price.

The first advisor was to provide the project with PR support. Some of the…

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Since we wanted to run our business properly, the first thing we had to deal with was the legal system. We started looking for a country where the government treated crypto alike with other currencies. Many countries have proved to be more reasonable by imposing their regulation standards. …

Take into account not only the readiness of the product but also the seasonality.

Part I

Roots. The First Mistake.

We failed our ICO. It could be the end of the story, but in this case scenario you would never know how it all began, turned out and the things you should NOT do. Minor accords are twinkling above Alphateca ICO; nevertheless, it was a huge experience, and we want to share our story with new crowdsale participants.

It had begun long ago. A lot of happy thoughts were jumping in my head thinking how cool it would be to implement any platform with a convenient, safe and simple way of trading. Certainly, there’s…

When the first ICO of the young and prospective project is in full swing, it’s catch-as-catch-can. Earlier Ilya revealed lures for investors in his Amsterdam Expo memories, and our team decided to wrap up the working week in a non-standard environment to activate the new potential.

One day our community manager came across a video channel with top co-working places in Bali, where people discuss the strategic planning of the company sitting behind a wooden chaise longue under the sound of the surf, which is revived by the constant brainstorming during the day. Splendid photos, happy teams, success stories and…

Indian government is going to launch internal blockchain-based crypto tokens in the country in spite of having a banking ban on decentralized cryptocurrencies.
An organized committee started investigating the token usability in public sector as it is intends to start from the transport where metro cards can be replaced by crypto tokens.

“The committee is examining if crypto tokens can be used to replace smart cards such as metro cards in the public sector to start with. Similarly, in the private sector, it can be used in loyalty programmes such as air miles where its use is limited to buying the next ticket and can’t be converted into money,” reported the ministry official.

Last time we told you about the goods and services that have not passed the Alphateca moderation. Today we are going to disclose goods and services, the demand for which outruns the supply. Well, here we go with the Top 10 deviate requests:

1. Polaroid photos of celebrities’ belly-buttons

What is the difference between belly-buttons of Selena Gomez Bella Hadid? Our administrators used to have no idea, but as soon as they found this request, the question does not go out of their minds. To be honest, they have already chewed our ears off. So, if anyone has pictures of…

CCN has reported that West Virginia is piling out a mobile voting app based on blockchain technology for the upcoming elections. The application is aimed to provide an opportunity to take part in the elections of the American military, located outside the United States.

United States has already been using a mobile platform for voting. Earlier Boston based Voatz app which, was tested on military personnel and their dependents, was used on elections in two districts of Virginia.

“There is nobody that deserves the right to vote any more than the guys that are out there, and the women that are out there, putting their lives on the line for us,” — said the Secretary of State, Mike Warner.

He also added that if everything goes smoothly, it will be possible to implement the same balloting system in 55 districts.


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