Disappointed! Someone copied your product idea?

People like us who are born with the entrepreneurial spirit are idea bombs, aren’t we?

So, if someone copied your product, while you in the process of validating your idea, do you think you should worry about it?

No, not at all!

See this as an opportunity to learn and keep working on it. See that copied product as a beta for you. Take advantage of it and jump in, at the right time.

Identify where they are going wrong and solve that problem.

There will be times when you will see that they growing a starring speed. Be optimistic about it and see this as your educated prospects.

For a new idea the most difficult part is to educate the market, so if someone has made a first move, they are educating the market as well. This part is already being taken care of for you. Be happy about it.

What now! Now what you have to do is give a greater value to a handful of the right prospects

You can choose from the unhappy customers they have because of sudden demand.

Learn, iterate and grow at the speed you can manage. Because the uncontrolled rise in demand will give you dizzy insight, which is not good in the long run. To evolve, you need clarity and need to analyze every aspect of business.

Enjoy the journey :) Because disappointment will lead you nowhere.

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