How to Submit to (a) Woman

Oh, we can teach you how…

So you wanna share your story, huh? Well, sweet! We can’t wait.

First things first, let’s level-set by reviewing our…
The woman who cried wolf. (Photo credit: The New Yorker, September 2016)


Remember, the goal here is to see, know, accept, and express yourself as you really are, at this moment in time. If you storytell it like it is, that’ll happen. It’ll also position others to know and accept you, too.

And, ya know… re-shape how the entire world perceives femininity in the process. (YASSSS.)

The Submission Process

Hey baller,

If you already know what you wanna say & how you wanna say it, skip ahead to Step 4.

Step 1: What is it you want to say?

We’ve designed W o m a n: Prompts & Common Topics (coming soon) to get your juices flowing. Don’t worry if your idea doesn’t fit them 100%.

What is that one story that you’ve never told anyone? Let it out, honey. That’s what you’re here to do. And no, it doesn’t have to be deep or serious.

Step 2: How do you wanna say it?

Here are some types of posts we publish.

Again, these are guidelines, not rules.

Step 3: Create!

E n j o y the process. Take your t i m e . Some of our favorite pieces took us more than a year to complete, start to finish.

Step 4: Check out W o m a n’s Style Guide

… Or use this checklist summary:

  • Read your submission out loud. We want it to sound like you!
  • Keep paragraphs, lists, and sentences short (for the most part).
  • Link to sources & experts if you cite statistics.

Bonus points if you…

  • @mention other Medium users & link to other Medium posts
  • Include awesome pics & favorite songs
  • Embed a video summarizing your piece.

Step 5: Submitttttt

We can’t wait to read your fantastical piece. All you still gotta do is decide…

If you want to publish consistently...

Email to ask how to becoming a W o m a n contributor. You can publish anonymously & under your name this way.

If you want to publish just this once…

  • Email your story to if you want to include pics and other rich media. We promise to keep who you are confidential.
  • If you don’t even want us to know who you are, submit the text for your post with this form.

Step 6: Wait

Yup… sorry. (Except not.) We’ll let you know in ~a week if & when it’ll appear on W o m a n. It’s normal for us to request & make edits.

Don’t forget …

W o m a n’s Four-Part Promise

  1. W o m a n embeds a video in each submission—summarizing what we love about it.
  2. We also comment on every story &…
  3. Share a link to another Medium post that discusses similar topics, or has a similar approach to authenticity.
  4. We offer anonymous publishing.
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