Swipe Right On Monogamy
Charlotte Shane

  • Great article, well written and deeply thoughtful.
  • I think your deconstructing of the female experience with hookups is really enlightening for me as a heterosexual male. I think it would be interesting to hear some of the stories of hookups with men that you alluded to, albeit without the sexual shaming ; maybe as a series?
  • I appreciate you at least thought about the male perspective and how this is more of a society driven issue (we’re taught that having lots of sex makes you more masculine) than a gendered one.
  • I agree, intimacy is the new sexual liberation. We’ve all been sexually “liberated” in that we can have sex without much of the social stigma. But we can’t have the sex we want, we can’t have the relationships we want, and we can’t have the intimacy we want because of the weight of societies imperfections.
  • I wrote a piece about the issue of love and intimacy, but from a gender neutral perspective recently that people seem to really have liked. I think you should read it!
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