Right, let’s get into the second issue of Alt500. This article will examine RESTART Energy and its token $MWAT. Please keep up any comment and feedback on the work, it will help to improve the content!


Through this article restart energy will be referred to as Mwatt so to be brief. Mwatt attempts to introduce the blockchain to the energy industry and despite the word decentralise being thrown about a lot in the crypto space, I think it’s applicable in this case. Mwatt is an EMR20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and is a utility token for use within its own ecosystem. Mwatt is based in Romania as is coming out of a European market, but with a vision to expand globally.


Mwat’s vision is to create a decentralized network, enabling the virtual store of electricity so that people can buy and sell energy, freely, without a centralised grid. This is unique idea and a convincing use of blockchain technology. This will be driven by the creation of RED franchises which take advantage of energy deregulation if countries and form a network of smaller, predominantly renewable based, energy producers. Their website lays out plans to expand into the rest of europe and the USA by 2019, and into 38 countries by 2020.


You might be wondering how a token comes into all of this? The token is a combination of a fundraising for the running of the operation and as a utility for the transactions on the network. One token is equal to one unit of energy. Energy production is paid for by tokens, the producer can then chose to change this into ethereum and/or fiat. The model in place means that people are effectively selling to one another, without the middleman of a grid, therefore this creates improved efficiency. Efficiency means savings, Mwat suggest that producers will be able to sell energy at 30% higher than retail and consumers will purchase at 30% lower. This is a big claim if it can be achieved.


Personally, I believe that the greatest barrier to the success of Mwat is not any intrinsic issue with the technology or its vision, but rather the barriers to the growth and adoption that can be found in conventional business. Mwat will only succeed if it can achieve widespread adoption and create a strong network for the token to be used in. If you are investing in the token for speculative, rather than utility purposes, then bear this in mind, its not viable for the token to do well in the long run, without the business on the ground doing well. This being said, it is possible for short to medium term spikes in the price to be brought about from pure speculation on the altcoin market.


Mwat combine strong principles of decentralisation and democratisation to a critical industry. People will always need energy, this is one way to be invested in the space, that’s not centralised conventional industries, often seen as inefficient and responsible for unreliable and increasingly unaffordable energy. However, this is reliant on the speed of adoption across Europe and then the States. Certainly keep an eye on this project!



Mwat have their own telegram channels, a great way to keep up with updates!