Three Trump Intelligence Interceptions You May Have Missed

In this new chaotic environment it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the prominent events. We decided to put together some important stories you may have missed.

  1. National Security Adviser resigned Michael Flynn resigned after wiretapped conversation between him and Russian Ambassador Sergey I Kislyak. Despite Flynn’s claims to the public the two did in fact discuss sanctions. The conversation is reported to have also consisted of criticism of the Obama administrations and that Trump would employ changes to to benefit Russia. It is also notable that after his resignation the Defense Intelligence Agency suspended Michael Flynn’s security clearance pending a review.
  2. American intelligence and law enforcement concluded Trump aides had continued contact with Russian Intelligence agents. These incidents were first discovered after the FBI began their investigation of the DNC hacking. The agencies are working to determine if these communications were about the hacks or election influence.
  3. Foreign allied countries intercepted and conducted intelligence on Trump’s staff and aides. Sources revealed foreign intelligence groups launched the campaign in fear of a Russian strategy to influence the US to destabilize their NATO alliance. These western agencies all did a deep dive on Trump’s foreign relationships, those can be read in the attached source.

In conclusion there are a lot of eyes and ears on the US government and the Trump administration. What seems to be overlooked is how much is at stake with all the parties involved. There will be a clear loser and it will be between Russian global influence and Western continued dominance as we know it. Europe has just as much invested in American politics currently. In the end the world will be drastically different after the Trump era ends.

Flynn and Putin at a dinner 2015