Pleasure me, slave.

His hands were strapped together behind his back. Leather shackles. Tight. His legs were free, but were trembling in fear. He wore, nothing, but a lacey white thong and a black leather collar around his neck.

He stood there, legs apart, hands behind, chin up, and eyes down. His ruffled dark hair fell on his forehead. Sweat glistened on his chocolate brown skin.

She sat in her chair, looking all royal. A white see through robe. She wore nothing inside. Her ebony body glistened. Yes, she had definitely bronzed herself today. Her fingers tapped on the chair handle, as she thought, how to use this slave of hers for the next hour. She had known him for a while now. They had played together. He was a sucker for control and powerplay.

She got up from the chair and walked over towards where he stood and ran her long finger nails along his chest and circled his nipples. She pinched them slightly at first and harder. She could see him wince. She pinched harder. He bit his lip. She slid her other hand around him and clasped his buttocks. He did not expect that and flinched and shook. She slipped her hand between the thong thread and tugged a little. She could hear him gasping and breathing hard.

More so, She could smell him. She could smell his sweat. His manly smells. She put her face close to his chest and inhaled deeply and kissed his neck.

Pleasure, pain, and discomfort, confused his mind so much, that, he did not know how to react.

She moved her lips downwards to his nipples. Took her hand away and let her teeth do the work. Her other hand moved around him too now. Both hands clasping each buttock . Squeezing hard and spreading them apart.

He could feel her breasts press against his chest. She smelt heavenly. For a brief period of time between his sensual overloads, he wondered how these african american ladies smelt so sensual. The thought did not last long, as She swatted him hard on his left buttock.

She moved her left hand to his front now. His cock was straining against the lacey soft thong. She cupped it hard and tugged once. But, then she did remember his limits. He did not like pain, or torture. So she just patted it and let it go.

She walked over back to her chair and asked him to step forward.

“Kneel”, she said, in her husky voice.

He kneeled down in perfect slave posture in front of her.

She motioned him to come closer and put her legs over his shoulders. Her smooth ebony skin felt heavenly on his muscular shoulders, but he realized that it was going to get heavier soon.

She pulled his head towards her pussy, pulling his body towards her, using her strong muscular legs too. She crushed his face between her legs. He realized that she was already wet. Her juices smelt heavenly. And he knew what he had to do. He started lapping up her pussy slowly with his tongue. Long slow strokes is what She liked. He wanted to make her happy. She sighed in pleasure. She pulled his face closure guiding him around. And he lapped it all up. Slowly he started putting his tongue in. Hesitantly at first, and then more confidently. There had been times, when she had not liked it. He started tongue fucking her now. Deeper and deeper, as he went, she screamed in pleasure and crushed his face. She heaved one final time and released his hair.

“Stand up.”

She kissed him deeply on his mouth, tasting her own juices. She licked all around his mouth and cheeks. He was tired and her warm tongue was heavenly. They french kissed for a very long time.

She then walked around him and released his leather straps that held his hands.

“You have made me happy. I now give you permission to masturbate in front of me. But today, I want you to do it just by rubbing it over your pretty lady thong.”

He started rubbing and playing with his cock, while she watched. Even though, he felt very conscious about it, it did not take him too long to cum. He convulsed and shook as he shot his load on to the thongs. His cum dripped down to his balls and crack, as he did.

He slid down back to a kneeling position, exhausted.