Alt-Options Weekly Report (11.13.15)

This past week saw a lot of volatility in Bitcoin price. Many traders executed profitable trades, with lead PnL at 400%. We have hundreds signed up from over 24 major universities, trading/bitcoin forums and can’t wait for the games to start. This competition is a great way to become familiar with our platform and analytics tool while furthering your understanding of bitcoin and finance.

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Everyone Says Bitcoin Is Back. But It Never Really Left

Bitcoin Price Chart via Wired

A better barometer is how much the world is using bitcoin (see graphic below). And that figure continues to rise. Bitcoin usage has risen pretty much steadily since the brief dip it took in the wake of the Mt. Gox implosion. In fact, last week, as the price of bitcoin topped $500, the usage rate reached an all-time high, after roughly doubling over the past twelve months. “The real usage is catching up to the hype,” Armstrong says.

Bitcoin Usage Chart

Armstrong’s point is that for people like him — and companies like Coinbase — the ultimate aim is to turn bitcoin into something that anyone can use to more easily store, send, and receive money. “We want the world to have an open payment network,” an Internet for money, he says. And, well, the price of bitcoin may not have much to do with that. Yes, bitcoin is also a means of speculation, a way of making money from money. And according to Peter Van Valkenburgh — director of research at the Coin Center, a non-profit dedicated to bitcoin public policy issues — the recent price fluctuations are likely driven by such speculation. But this is only part of the bigger bitcoin story.

Did your financial advisor tell you about Bitcoin?

You’re an affluent investor who understands the concept that taking on more risk may bring higher rewards. You also understand the importance of asset allocation and not putting all of your eggs in one basket. One day, you’re playing golf with a friend who keeps checking his smartphone during your round and his constant smiling is beginning to annoy you (especially after you missed that short putt on the last hole). Finally, you ask him what they’re looking at on their phone.

“I’m watching this investment I have go up 25% just today. In fact, it’s gone up about 50% just this month. Pretty good, huh?”

“What’s the investment?” is your immediate reaction.

The investment is the Bitcoin Investment Trust GBTC
Bitcoin Graphic

Trading Competition

Alt-Options Collegiate Trading Competition: Week 2

Congratulations to Stuart from St. Louis Community College! You are currently in first place for the trading competition with a profit of almost 600%!!

AOEX Trading Competition Ranking

This success clearly demonstrates the power of derivatives and the leverage they can provide for smart investing. Although the top traders are getting substantial returns, the race is far from over. This is still anybody’s game!

First prize includes $500 cash. If you would like to learn more about our platform, check out our public beta here!

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