I’m not sure how we overcome this bias, but I would love to hear from leaders who have hired outside the bitcoin industry. What did you find? What did you look for? How can you help others do something similar?
Women in Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech — An Opportunity
Meltem Demirors

From our experience, our interns who knew little to nothing about Bitcoin got the job because they came from financial/coding backgrounds and had a drive to learn with strong passion for innovation. Finance and computer programing are male dominated industries which further decreases the number of female applicants in the Bitcoin space. However, it’s up to managers to cultivate diverse teams that will provide better insight for strategic development and offer a broader range of skill sets. Top management should be educated on the advantages of multinational and gender diverse teams, which include better risk management, more sustainable returns and improved public image. As for the rest of society, creating equal learning opportunities for women in finance, computer science, and other reams are essential elements to sustain humanity’s pace of development.