A wave of change is on the horizon. Are you prepared?

In my previous article, Pillar Project, I went over some of the latest code developments I found on Github. Since then, there has been significant progress from the Pillar Team.

Some of you were wondering if we would get PLR for sharing the wallet with others. Well, it looks like we will very soon. Maybe when the Offers Engine is released.

Most of you have heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. This childhood tale can be compared to some projects in the blockchain world. Everyone knows how the story ends — the tortoise beats the hare.

Those of you that know me are aware that I am a massive advocate of the Pillar Project. Over the last two years, I’ll admit it; the development has hit many hurdles, but, the progress has also hit just as many milestones. Everyone is always worried about the token price, rightfully so, but no one stops to think about the work being…

We are accustomed to waiting long periods before we find out more information regarding the next update for our favorite projects. Fortunately for us, most projects are open-source. Therefore, we can comb through a project’s code and see what is in store for a later update.

Note: Information in this article is my speculation of the interpretation of the code for the Pillar Project. All information is open-source and accessible by anyone.

Last week, we saw a glimpse of what Pillar is working on, but is there anything else in the code that could help us speculate more on what…


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